Siding Installation

Siding is a great way to immediately enhance the overall look of your home and to protect against moisture and other contaminants that could cause costly future damages. American Quality Home Improvements offers specialized siding services targeted to clients who need repairs or new installations. If your current siding is in good condition but just needs a little bit of a face lift or if you need a whole new siding installation, give our pros a call today at 888-205-1925 to discuss your options. You can choose from a variety of siding selections styles including vinyl, aluminum, wood, fiber cement, and much more.
Curb Appeal one level house — siding installation in New Jersey

The Process

View of entrance porch — siding repair in New Jersey
Exterior of house in suburbs — siding repair in New Jersey

Phase 1. Evaluation

Before replacing siding on your home, we'll examine your existing siding to determine the extent of repairs needed. We'll remove any rotted wood, insulate under your new siding, or recommend insulated siding to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Phase 2. Selection

We'll show you a range of styles, colors, and material options and explain the benefits of each siding profile for your home. You'll weigh aesthetic, cost, and insulating options and choose the best combination for the overall project.


Phase 3. Work Done

We're courteous, tidy and our work ethic is unmatched. In addition to product warrantees, we're licensed, insured, and all labor is 100% guaranteed. Our team is trained to use the materials we install and we'll be happy add to or change your project once work has begun.

Schedule an Appointment

Ensure your home's exterior makes a long lasting impression. Call 888-205-1925 today to schedule an appointment for your next siding project.
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